About Us

"NATIONAL ACADEMY OF CINEMA AND TELEVISION" institution is a part of VISHWAKALA TRUST, which was started on July 09 2008 with the approved by Government of Karnataka.

Cinema and television media has proved to have huge job opportunities with high earning potential. Many educated people have chosen to earn name and fame working in this industry.

Today the Indian film industry has entered the international market and Indian films are being released worldwide and have gained huge collections. International film producers who have noticed the growth of Indian cinemas intend to produce our films. With these developments, we get to know that Indian cinema industry can get you name, fame and money.

These days producing a film with the latest digital technology has been easy for people who have knowledge about them. Adopting these new digital technologies, cinema and television media has undergone huge changes and grown as a very promising industry.

In order to introduce the Indian cinema technicians to the international market, in 2007 National Academy of Cinema and Television as part of Vishwakala Trust decided to provide technical training to people in various sections of Cinema and television. In 2008 the Government of Karnataka approved to start a training Centre for cinema and television.

We are happy that National Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT) has been recognized worldwide for the technical training provided for cinema and television with a belief “EFFORTS NEVER FAIL – DO IT AND LEARN IT”.

To provide technical training in relation to cinema and television, NACT is well equipped with the latest technology like Digital 4K cameras, Lighting, Editing Studio, cinema theatre and other expensive facilities.

National Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT) is proud that students from all over the country are being trained and some of the students from abroad have also joined National Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT)

National Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT) has started “National Level short film, documentary and Animation film festival” in 2011. This festival is being organized for 10 days on the month of December every year to promote and encourage new talents. For more information please visit our website http://www.nact.in

In order to encourage and support the talented and deserving people, along with technically training them National Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT) has introduced a new program.

Many people have a dream to get in to the cinema industry and produce one of the best films. However, this is not easy to everyone as they do have proper guidance and the right platform to succeed. Some have produced films and failed to get back the amount due to several reasons and intern they curse the industry.

To provide proper guidance and to create right opportunities for talented people to produce films, NACT has introduced a new program called “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR

National Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT) has introduced “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR in 2019 to help people enter the cinema industry and earn name, fame and recognition in the industry

Come and join hands with us to write a new chapter in the history of Indian cinema and Television.